About the Brand

YANINA Fashion House has been leading the Russian couture being the first world-renowned luxury fashion brand.

The YANINA pieces are also known as “emotional couture”. That means that these dresses are not just beautiful outfits but something that can actually beautify a woman's life and even her future. ”The art of high fashion is a dedication to a woman, a magical tool that takes any YANINA Girl far beyond just looking beautiful and happy - to actually feeling at her very best" - says the brand’s designer Yulia Yanina.

The mission of YANINA Fashion House is to create magnificent images and luxurious dresses that help each lucky wearer enter their own fairy tale, comprehend her natural beauty and enjoy her individuality.

Beyond great outfits, YANINA Fashion House creates a magical world where a woman finds her own unique image and style, where everything is possible, where there are no limits to heights and happiness can be found. Love, beauty, devotion, traditions, family and endless admiration for a woman - these are the values the brand shares with others all over the world.

YANINA Fashion House was established in 1993 — The 30th anniversary is right around the corner. The history of the brand and the Fashion House is inextricably linked with the name and personality of fashion designer Yulia Yanina. YANINA is a little girl's dream come true. Magnetism, character, creative genius and visionary talent allowed Yulia to create a strongest couture brand that is considered one of the most luxurious and successful global enterprises today while originally coming from Russia. Indeed, YANINA is celebrated for its global history and is destined to have a stellar future. From its first participation in AltaRomaAltaModa in 2007 and the recognition of the Italian public, from its first seasonal shows at the Paris Haute Couture Week for 11 years, the brand has come to worldwide fame — and conquered the red carpets of major festivals, charity balls, debutante balls, fateful business events. The brand won the hearts of Hollywood beauties and European aristocrats, the world elite of diplomacy, business and culture. YANINA style combines the quintessence of classics and timeless fashion with perfect silhouettes of a master cut and the most skillful decor: generous virtuoso embroidery, traditional and new handmade techniques. YANINA's famous outfits are a combination of the European haute couture school and carefully preserved traditions of national craftsmanship, a precious frame for the unique beauty of each owner of such a wonderful product. And there are already 3 generations of such lucky women.

YANINA covers all of the most wanted women’s attire segments with its three branded lines including YANINA Couture, YANINA Demi Couture, YANINA Basic. Each line appeals to a specific audience defined by social status, income, age, style prefs.

Showroom on Tverskaya
You can reserve an appointment at the showroom on Tverskaya to view our collection and receive specialized service from our staff

This service is free and available only for online store collections. You can find out about purchasing YANINA COUTURE products only by calling: 8 (495) 629 51 06
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