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On the New Year’s Eve, Yulia Yanina shares some truly warm tips on the best way to meet and greet the Season:

"I have a suggestion to all of you. Let us celebrate the New Year in a festive way! Even if they tell you it’s a pajamas party, do keep up the festive mood and do wear a super special pajamas. Cozy can be cool so make it as cool as you can. Let C be for cool, cozy and comfortable! By the way, it is when you feel comfortable that you wear anything the right way. You move the right way. So let me set you a C Task: find the right outfit for this very special night.

The 2022 Black (or Blue) Water Tiger loves nature and all its shades: black and white, green and blue, earthy, golden, beige. What the Tiger does not like is objections; so please just follow and make sure your cave stays warm and peaceful)

Bring your family holiday traditions to the table: take out your old Christmas tree decorations, follow your family rituals like writing your secret wishes down on small pieces of paper to be burnt and mixed into champagne. This year, choose a theme dressing your Christmas tree: golden or silver shades, or the tiger theme. And do tune in to joy, to happiness, to a miracle.

I know it may not be easy today to keep that joyful and optimistic about tomorrow. So let’s tune in to happiness like we concentrate before passing an exam! Just keep going on, do not let any discouragement in - and so you will win. Never give up the heights you are flying to! Never give up getting a new dress. Seriously. A woman who has got a new dress is a feast setter. Let’s throw an unforgettable party! Let’s get it started!"

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